Digital asset management for enterprise
Your files are assets only if you can use them effectively. Assetbox is a professional yet affordable cloud solution designed to manage, store, search and share digital assets within and outside the company.

Why does your company need Assetbox?

In modern world digital content (or asset) underpins a company’s marketing ecosystem and is no less important than financial or human resources.Assetbox is a single, secure source of truth for all your digital assets, ensuring maximum value for them and 100% brand consistency.
All your digital content is beautifully displayed in a single, secure repository that is scalable to your needs, making asset searches fast and easy.
Customizable metadata fields, collections, various filters and AI assistance will make it easy to organize and find your digital assets.
Let your internal teams and external partners work together in one intuitive system from anywhere.
Integrate assets into your digital channels: sites, email, social networks and more. Your content is stored in one place, but works everywhere.

What can Assetbox do?

Here we have collected the basic functionality of the platform. You can also always customize Assetbox according to your needs.
Advanced search
Accurate search for the right files, based on metadata, data obtained with AI.
Support for different formats
Assetbox supports basic file formats: images, video, audio and documents.
User rights management
Assigning rights at user or group level
ADFS Authentication
Thanks to Active Directory integration, you can be sure that your employees will get the right access to Assetbox.
User-defined metadata
Customized asset metadata fields, according to your needs.
White label
Assetbox can look like your brand. Add your own logo, customize headers, corporate colors and your own URL.
External upload
Ability to receive files in the system from third parties or suppliers (such as photographers), without providing access to the system.
Collections management
Use collections to combine assets into logical groups.
File preview and thumbnail preview
Preview of files with automatically generated thumbnails.
Reliable storage
Multiple levels of protection and backup of your files.
Bulk upload
Easily upload files on an industrial scale with no restrictions on number or volume.
Asset filtration
Filter digital assets by tags, colors, customizable fields, metadata, orientation, etc.
Embedded assets
Mechanism for creating links to a digital asset, for embedding on your corporate website, mailing list, social network, online store and even in ordinary correspondence.
Powerful integrations
Organize your workflow and save time on asset creation and distribution through various integrations.
Assetbox CDN
Assetbox CDN caches images on different servers and if some server fails, other servers will still back up and deliver your content.

Artificial Intelligence

Help of artificial intelligence for your Assetbox workflows.
Objects and colors recognition
Artificial Intelligence recognizes various objects and basic colors in images and then marks them with automatic tags.
Faces and emotions recognition
Assetbox allows you to recognize faces and emotions of people in images and enrich your assets with this data. 
Specialized AI
Customizable artificial intelligence, specifically tailored to your needs.  

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Assetbox is a platform for managing digital assets and corporate content.
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