Digital Asset Management platform

Assetbox allows brand managers, creative teams and marketers to effectively manage, store and structure their digital assets, work together in a single cloud space and bring digital content to market faster.

Intuitive corporate digital content management

Does your team spend dozens of hours a week searching for digital media assets? Use a technology approach such as Digital Asset Management or DAM. The Assetbox DAM platform speeds up the search process and makes it easy to access your assets from a single, cloud-based center. Assetbox can quickly scan entire libraries and find the exact file your team is looking for, based on metadata and automatically recognized objects, or find new options your team didn’t even know about, making your business processes more efficient.
Flexible management of digital assets
The platform allows you to create and structure digital assets using customizable metadata and collections, distribute images, videos and other media files, optimizing them for each device and channel.
Reliable cloud storage and CDN

Secure cloud storage and distributed content delivery network (CDN) scales to grow your business and your needs. We use multiple layers of security to protect and back up your files.

Easy way to exchange your digital assets

Easily share files with an unlimited number of users within and outside your organization. 
Distribute created resources to your employees, distributed teams, affiliates, agencies and partners wherever they are with strong user-level privacy and permission controls, without endless email communications.
Artificial Intelligence image recognition
Automatic recognition of objects and image colors based on artificial intelligence and subsequent marking with logical tags for intuitive detection during search. Trained AI can be adapted to your brand’s products or assets, and expanded, for example, to recognize faces or emotions.

Downloading and publishing

Add megabytes or terabytes of resources at the same time, without limiting the volume or frequency of downloads. Upload files of any size through a web portal or using a special uploading tool. 
Publish approved resources on your website, email newsletter, social network and other digital channels. Easily update product images in one place, with just a few clicks, instead of doing so in each digital channel.Your digital assets are displayed anywhere, while “live” in one place. 
Measure the impact of your brand
Track and analyze published asset metrics, views and engagement levels.Assetbox gives you the ability to measure the value of your content for maximum efficiency. Make decisions about your content and brand strategy based on data, not on guesswork. 
Make sure the resources spent on building your brand assets pay off for your distribution channels.

Assetbox integrates with your favorite tools

You can expand and make your technology ecosystem more efficient with our built-in integrations and tools. Work faster and more easily with your digital content by integrating Assetbox with Adobe, WordPress, 1C-Bitrix and many more products.

Digital asset management, media library, brand portal

Digital Asset Management, Media Library, Brand PortalWhatever you call it, but with the growth of digital channels, each brand faces the problem of effective storage, sharing and distribution of corporate content, which is important for business development. 

The digital asset management solution improves the flow of content from creation to approval, ensuring consistency across all your channels.

That’s why brands choose Assetbox to meet these challenges. 

Let your team find digital assets with artificial intelligence, follow established design principles, and ensure 100 percent brand consistency.
No extra charge or any hidden costs

Why Assetbox?

Assetbox is a single, consistent source of truth for your digital assets. You can forget about scattered content, endless folders with strange names, misuse of assets and loss of files due to retired employees.
Easy access to the latest versions of digital assets with necessary permissions and copyrights.
Fast implementation. You can start working with the platform within few minutes.
Powerful integrations. Easy uploading and download from anywhere with your favorite tools.
Reliable and prompt support. We are always here for you and ready to help.
Assetbox is a platform for managing digital assets and corporate content.
Assetbox — платформа управления цифровыми активами и корпоративным контентом.
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